Monday, December 13, 2010

Social Networking

I have been thinking about facebook this week.  I love to look at it but I am not sure it is always healthy.  This week I saw where my niece had a little run-in with some friends.  They prank called her and said some mean things and taped it with a webcam.  They then put it on youtube and the facebook fight was on.  Kids, especially girls, can be mean.  I have been mean.  Katy has been mean.  However, when I was in school if you got in a fight with a friend you could make up easier.  I think it is harder when the problem has been made public for many to view.  It's also harder to tell a little white lie (which may be good).  If I say I can't do something with someone because I am sick and Katy puts her status as "out having lunch with Mom" I could be in trouble!  For example, this weekend I didn't tell anyone I was going to Tulsa but Katy put that as her status.  It wasn't a secret but I still offended someone because I didn't tell them I was going to be gone for the day.  To be fair, my Grandma is sick and I should have probably let someone know but I thought it would be OK if they just saw it on facebook.  Perhaps facebook has made me less considerate and more casual.  On the other hand I love to see what old friends have been doing.  I have gotten help in classes and connected with many teachers who have given me advice through facebook.  I can't decide if it is wonderful or not---maybe as with most things, it is fine in moderation!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I loved looking at all the powerpoint presentations.  The people in class are so creative.  Me, not so much--that's why I am glad to see theirs.  Now I can steal  borrow their ideas.  Each one had something about it that made it my favorite!  Loved Roxie's!  Hers looked different from the others and had the activities that went with the story.  Katy and Jenifer had unique topics.  I love the colored animals on Jody's.  It was very eye-catching!  I thought Sandy's was wonderful.  It was interesting and she had the links to other educational sites and Kellie well...I have enjoyed every presentation I have ever seen her do in class and she introduced me to the "Quack, Quack, Moo" series last semester and I love it!  She is very creative.  I saw some of Sharon's when she was working on it and it was awesome too.  I am having such fun learning from everyone.  I even decided to "practice" and make a powerpoint presentation for my reflective teaching lesson tonight.  It was fun.  I have always thought of powerpoint as a business tool although I have never had to use it.  I am going to have to train my brain to look at tools in new ways so I will be able to use them effectively in my classroom.  It is exciting to be encouraged to be creative and thoughtful instead of just productive and cost-effective!  I think I will like using this side of my brain for a while!  Of course, I realize teaching will be somewhat different than being the student, but I am enjoying my time right now.