Sunday, September 26, 2010


There were many interesting tools that I saw and I haven't looked at nearly all of them yet.  One I think would be great for a class writing assignment in Elementary School is called "Writing Fun".  The link re-directed  me to  It also has a tutorial with it.  The site explains different types of text such as narrative, explanation and persuasive.  When you click on a text type the site shows you what you need and leaves boxes to write in.  On a persuasive paper it shows "position" and then explains that this is what the paper is about and what you think about the topic.  The next box shows "arguments" or why people should be persuaded by your position.  The last box is for "summary" to strongly repeat your points or arguments.  I think this would be a great way for students to learn how to write different types of papers w/ fun guidance.  The site is extremely colorful and very engaging.  It also helps children learn how to write everyday texts like letters and e-mails.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


It was kind of interesting to learn what ROM RAM, CD-W, DVD, CPU etc stood for.  Sometimes I hear the words and may even know what they mean but not the full definition.  I want to be able to tell my students what they mean if they are curious.  I am enjoying the class---still have a long way to go on the not being judgemental, keeping my opinions to myself thing but I will get there.  I liked the video.  It was amazing to see what the kids learned when they were left to their own devices.  If I saw something I had never seen I would be scared to try anything with it probably.  I think that is why kids are better able to be creative and inventive.  Not only are they more willing to try something new, they have not yet learned to be afraid of failure.  We can learn a lot from kids if we catch them before they learn what they are "supposed" to think, do and fear.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ira Socol and Me

I am going to be totally honest. What I learned in class this week was about me.  You see, after I read Ira Socol's articles, including extra ones,  I didn't like him.  I had him pictured in my head as very political----and by political I mean raging liberal  wonderfully progressive.  I do not know why I formed this opinion and I do not know if it is correct but I learned something about myself.  I have become judgemental and narrow-minded in my "older but not old" age.  As soon as Ira started talking I was hooked!  His care for children and the things he cares about are amazing.  I only hope that, I can bring the passion to my class that he seems to.  So thank you, Ira Socol! The next time I hear an idea and automatically dismiss it or refuse to listen to new ideas I will think of you and what I would have missed out on if I had dismissed what you have to say.  Oh yeah and I LOVE widgets!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chapter 3 Reflections

I especially like the Dynamic Instructional Design Model in chapter 3.  It is flexible and seems to include all the steps to make learning successful.  It started with "Know the Learners" which I think is one of the most important steps.  A teacher will need to be able to use available tools to effectively reach each student.  That is one reason that media is important in the classroom.  A video or an article on the internet can help teach or reinforce a lesson.  It is also important to get feedback to make sure the students are learning the information presented.  If they aren't learning, the lesson plan and presentation can be altered or replaced.  I also enjoyed week 3 because Mr. Chamberlain told us about Live Binder.  I looked at it and was very impressed with the binders that are there.  There are many specifically designed by teachers to help pre-service teachers.  They ranged from lesson plans to room decorating.  I loved it!  There is so much helpful infomation on the internet for student teachers.  I have found lesson plans, themes, resources, poems, experiments, songs and more.  It is very exciting that teachers are willing to share what works for them and encourage others to try their ideas.  It is not usually like that is the business world!  I also tried to use vocaroo but found that my computer doesn't have a built in microphone either!  Maybe we can figure out a way to do it in class or maybe there is a way I can do it on Katy's phone or laptop.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chapter 2 Reflections

I enjoyed the second week of class.  I was thrilled to learn about "control/z."  I can use this now in my job and when writing papers for school.  I came home and told my husband about it.  I then ran upstairs to try it out on my computer.  As you probably know, it worked!  I also found the theory of multiple intelligences quite interesting.  I think it will be something I will remember when I become a teacher.  It will be great to see the potential in every student and not just judge them by "reading, writing and arithmetic."  I will (hopefully) be able to recognize the talents my students have and encourage them to excel in what they are naturally good at.  I hope that by doing that, it will encourage them to feel confident enough to try to succeed in all areas of their educational experience.