Monday, December 13, 2010

Social Networking

I have been thinking about facebook this week.  I love to look at it but I am not sure it is always healthy.  This week I saw where my niece had a little run-in with some friends.  They prank called her and said some mean things and taped it with a webcam.  They then put it on youtube and the facebook fight was on.  Kids, especially girls, can be mean.  I have been mean.  Katy has been mean.  However, when I was in school if you got in a fight with a friend you could make up easier.  I think it is harder when the problem has been made public for many to view.  It's also harder to tell a little white lie (which may be good).  If I say I can't do something with someone because I am sick and Katy puts her status as "out having lunch with Mom" I could be in trouble!  For example, this weekend I didn't tell anyone I was going to Tulsa but Katy put that as her status.  It wasn't a secret but I still offended someone because I didn't tell them I was going to be gone for the day.  To be fair, my Grandma is sick and I should have probably let someone know but I thought it would be OK if they just saw it on facebook.  Perhaps facebook has made me less considerate and more casual.  On the other hand I love to see what old friends have been doing.  I have gotten help in classes and connected with many teachers who have given me advice through facebook.  I can't decide if it is wonderful or not---maybe as with most things, it is fine in moderation!

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  1. I read all your entries and enjoyed it immensely! I have told you for years you need to write a book. After reading your blog I am even more convinced of this. Give up teaching and write a book!!! I need something good to read. Please make it a series, you know how I like for my beloved characters to be able to grow and progress with life!