Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogs aka my Favorites

I have been following some blogs for several years now but I didn't know it.  No, I don't have multiple personalities.  I didn't realize that was what they were.  I just thought they were cool websites that were updated regularly so I saved them to my favorites and checked them every day!  I'm hip and didn't even realize it.  Of course using the word "hip" probably negates any "hipness".  Naturally, I follow Katy's new BFF, the fabulous Mrs. Mimi.  I love her because not only is she an advocate for teachers and her "little friends" she is sarcastic and loves Barnes and Noble.  That's enough for me!  I follow the Book Aunt and Chicken Spaghetti because they read and write reviews of children's books.  I love all books but have gained a special love of children's books from my mother-in-law who is a retired kindergarten teacher.  I chose to post on the blog of Chicken Spaghetti about the demise of picture books.  I also follow the Pioneer Woman.  Her name is Ree Drummond and she has won several awards for her blog, has written a book and a cookbook, is a photographer, has four kids and Marlboro Man, her husband.  She was a city girl who married a rancher and her life is quite entertaining.  Finally, I follow Katy Wimer, probably out of a misguided sense of parental responsibility.   She might feel bad if she only had one follower so I try to lift her spirits by making her think I really care about what she has to say.  This technique also works very well with her father.  Perhaps there is a genetic component.

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  1. I believe "hip" is back in :) You definitely are ahead of the curve, I hope you can find easier ways to follow your blogs though than just checking every day. An rss feed works well for updating you, many blogs also allow emails to be sent on new posts.