Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have a lot to do so I saved Poptropica to my favorites.  That way I feel like I have accomplished something.  I haven't played it yet but Hey! I will.  I have to do a take home test and write up a paper about the school board meeting too.  I also need to get started on my philosophy of education paper.  I won't be letting Mr. Chamberlain read that after his reaction to his wife's!  :)  I talked to another  pre-service teacher at the meeting about passion and my concerns about teaching.  She is also someone who is coming into this as a second career.  She thinks part of the reason I may not be passionate about it yet is because I am just starting and haven't been in a classroom.  I don't know the good or the bad about the way things work so I don't actually know which issues I will feel passionate about yet.  Right now I think I will get my AAT and then decide if I want to pursue this or something else.  It may help when I do my classroom observation next month.  I am going to observe Mrs. Kilby for a few hours too so that may give me another perspective.  I am also interested in Social Work and I looked that up at Crowder and may think about that too.  I have a few more general requirement classes to take and I think I will do that next semester.  That may give me time to re-evaluate.  I have to say that I love technology class.  I didn't know if I would.  No matter what I decide to do it has helped me learn about things I am going to need to know.  It has also given me a lot of things to think about and I am grateful for that also....and since Mr. Chamberlain FINALLY remembered to bring his kindle to class, I know what to put on my Christmas list! 

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  1. You make me laugh! I would love to read your philosophy of education paper ;)I agree that spending some time in the classroom may clarify some issues for you. Dianna is crazy now with all the tests, midterms, and papers she has to do. I am so glad that I am not going back to school, I sure don't envy you all the work. I am also glad you are enjoying the class :)